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Leopard Trax is an Alaskan Owned and Operated Company

Leopard Trax is a division of Alaskan Leopard Enterprises, Inc.  Founded in 1992 as a marketing and business consulting firm, Alaskan Leopard Enterprises now operates THREE different businesses:

Because we live, own, and operate our businesses in Alaska, we are able to give our clients the most accurate and current information concerning travel options.  We pride ourselves in being Alaskan experts.   In operating an award winning accommodations and internationally recognized Tour Company we have established superb working relationships with over 450 Alaskan vendors, as well as vendors in Canada, Italy, Kenya, Tanzania, Ecuador, Peru, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, and the Galapagos.

We live and work in Alaska full time so we are available to assist both in-state and out-of-state travelers with immediate and future planning.  We operate annually with four to six employees, and during the summer season that number can grow to over ten.

Our company was founded with the mission to make quality travel to Alaska and the world both easy and affordable.  It's not always about money.  Our philosophy is that your vacation should be tailor-made to your personal needs. We will lend you our personal experience and attention to make the most of your visit.  And to protect your best interests, your travel dollars sit in an insured escrow account until there are ready to go directly to the vendors we book on your behalf well in advance of your travel date.  <back to top>

How We Work - This explains our services.

We offer two product lines:  Package Tours and Custom Tours.  Package Tours are sold as described and priced.  Custom Tours are designed for the individual client and the price will vary depending on what is added or subtracted from our standard package itineraries.

Whether it be a packaged tour, or a custom designed tour, all details receive our professional attention.  When completed, your itinerary will include a full description of each day's activities along with a list of all attractions, adventures, and lodging.  In addition, you get specific driving directions with numerous points of interest to stop and visit along the way.  No other tour designer or operator provides so much detail.  This is a fact and we are constantly checking our competition to make sure our claim is true. 

Once we have completed your itinerary, we forward you a printable copy of your initial plan.  We then contact you to review all of the details.  When you are satisfied that you have received all that you asked for (and even a bit more), you give us the go-ahead to begin the confirmation process.  Upon your written authorization, we process all reservation confirmations on your behalf and make payments to the individual vendor in full.

When the confirmation process is complete we forward you a confirmed itinerary with individual confirmation numbers for all of your bookings including dates, descriptions, and contact information.  All charges show on your credit card as Alaskan Leopard Enterprises, Inc.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you a travel agency or tour operator?

We are both.  Leopard Trax is member of the International Air Travel Agent Network, operates both individual and group tours, and is an Alaska reservation service.  We build and plan itineraries for travelers to Alaska and the world, and then book those events that our clients request.  We are paid commissions by our vendors.  The feature that makes our service unique in the travel industry is that we customize our client's itinerary to their personal request. 

Is your company a brick and mortar business, or do you just advertise on the internet?

We are real people operating at a real address.  We actually answer our own phones!  We started our business in 1992 as a consulting firm.  Our Alaska adventure began in 2001 as a Bed & Breakfast.  Next we expanded and developed Anchorage's only Comedy Tour venue.  Our design and consulting firm has been in business for over 20 years.  Our reputation has grown as a result of the service we pride ourselves in delivering.  The Internet is a reality of today's business and a great way to communicate with clients. Our clients tell us that they appreciate the quality of our website advertising.  Our newest addition is our world tour company.

How does your service work? Do you make our reservations, or just provide the referrals?

Our clients inquire about our services by e-mail, or phone.  We respond, usually by email, with a general list of questions designed to assist us in helping you plan your trip.  Based on the answers to our questions, we send out an initial itinerary for the vacation by e-mail or fax.  Our itineraries vary from a general plan to a very detailed vacation depending on the client's request.  Once our client approves the itinerary, they give us authority to make the reservations and to secure the bookings.  We do all the work on our client's behalf, make all payments in advance, deliver paid confirmations to you, and finalize with a fully confirmed and paid itinerary.

How do I know that your company is reputable? You are located thousands of miles away.

Alaskan Leopard is a current member of IATAN, the Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Anchorage Alaska Bed and Breakfast Association.  In 2000, our General Manager was awarded the prestigious "Vocational Service Award for Ethical Behavior" by the Anchorage East Rotary Club.  We annually support many local and national charities, as well as being the primary benefactor for the Loureau School in Isiolo, Kenya.  We distribute a long list of references and organizations to which we belong if requested.  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

We recommend that you should be wary of any company that asks you for a check or money order for your down payment on your vacation versus credit card.  Your credit card is your best form of protection against fraud. 

But don't believe us, call our references:  Anchorage Alaska Bed and Breakfast Association at (888) 584-5147.  For IATAN, visit www.checkacode.com and enter our ID:  02744711.  For "people" references visit our reference page and call all you like

What type of information will be provided to me upon my confirmation of my Alaska trip?

Once we have completed the confirmation of all items in your itinerary, you will receive a confirmed itinerary.  It will contain the name and contact information for each reservation and booking we have orchestrated on your behalf including their website and email address.  Each individual vendor issues a confirmation number or code and records our payment.  We invite you to reconfirm all reservations to your personal satisfaction.  We maintain your files until your trip dates are completed.  In the event that you loose a confirmation, you can always call us for a copy.  We do not maintain brochures or rack cards...with over 450 vendors, it would be virtually impossible to manage such an ever-changing inventory. 
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Custom Itineraries

If you haven't seen the perfect tour for you, why don't you consider letting Leopard Trax create a custom package for you?

Q. Why should I do a custom itinerary?

A. There are lots of great reasons to choose a custom tour. Not every visitor to Alaska is interested in the same attractions.  Also, some travelers might prefer a more leisurely or more active pace to their vacation, or have particular needs or desires that can't be met on some of our packaged tours.  Lastly, a custom tour allows the adventurous traveler to get off the beaten path without worrying about the quality of the attractions or accommodations.  We work with only the best vendors and innkeepers in Alaska.

Q. Why should I work with Leopard Trax on my custom tour?

A.  Leopard Trax works with over 450 different attractions, vendors and innkeepers across the state in order to provide the widest range of tour and vacation packages possible. In addition, our travel consultants have many years experience both in the industry and as Alaskans. The combination of our expertise, knowledge of Alaska and the great diversity of attractions and accommodations available allows us to create custom vacation packages that no other company can offer.

Q.  Are custom tours more expensive?

A.  A custom tour can be a huge cost savings and is certainly no more expensive than one of our other packages that contains comparable attractions and accommodations. Our standard packages are intended to provide the highest value and quality to our customers while allowing creativity in planning the vacation of your dreams. The cost of a custom package is dependent upon a number of factors, such as the dates, and length of stay, the size of your group, the number and type of attractions and tours you include in your trip, the types of accommodations you choose, and the part of the state you are visiting.

Q.  How do I create a custom tour, or how can I get more information on custom tours?

A.  Call Leopard Trax, or send us an email; there's no obligation. Our "trackers" will meet with you on the telephone and find out the kinds of activities and places you want to visit Alaska.  We will prepare a sample itinerary for your custom tour, and send it to you for your review. We then add, change or delete items until it is just the way you want it.
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We provide additional information upon request 

About Us  |  How We Work  |  Frequently Asked Questions |  Custom Itineraries
Deposit and Cancellation Policy


It is rare, but when it happens, more issues of non-fulfillment by Alaskan vendors occur due to delays in transportation than for any other reason.  Weather, road conditions, and other factors beyond anyone's control can occur.

Although we have acted as your agent in getting each itinerary item booked, we do not have any control or responsibility in the event that a vendor is unable to supply or perform the services you have purchased; or when one vendor's failure causes another to not perform.  Your recourse, in the event of an individual vendor's failure to perform, must be directed to the individual vendor themselves. 

We have no authority or power to enforce any individual vendor to perform, nor do we have responsibility or authority to process refunds or adjustments.  However, since we process your payment,  we guarantee a refund based on each individual vendor's refund policy.  We also suggest that if there is any concern whatsoever on your part that an itinerary item may not be fulfilled, that you seek vacation insurance from a reputable source.  Some individual vendors offer this coverage.  Ask if you are concerned.


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