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…making our home in the Last Frontier

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Beautifully maintained gardens with water

features and an apple orchard

Alaska has been our home for a long time and we love the beauty and privacy of living high up on the mountainside overlooking water, mountains, and Anchorage below. Our once busy lives in both medicine and aviation led us to create a quieter and peaceful way of life.  For eleven years our place was a 4 Star B&B. It was fun…and a lot of work.  We are now fully retired and we love to travel!

Sharing our home and our experience allows us to lead a life some only dream about.  If you are a friend, you know our story and probably join us in doing much of the things we love about living in Alaska.  If you are a member of our travel club, well, that’s a whole other experience!

In order to live this lifestyle, we invite visiting professionals to share our home. Simply put, this allows us to experience more of our amazing world and we love the company!